The Yellow Movement in Ethiopia

The Yellow Movement is a university project that works under the umbrella of the Gender Office of the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, co-founded by Blèna and a few of her students in 2011.

The intention is for them to do their part in raising awareness for the elimination of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and to help female students with financial problems.

“Our Valentine’s Day fundraiser was born out of a desire to do something creative to raise money to support female students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and struggle with their life on campus because they can’t afford to pay for the most basic needs of a college student, starting with sanitary pads.”

Blèna says that on their first year, “we sold about 500 flowers that we got for free from a flower farm in our city, we raised about 4000 ETB birr. The following year (2014) we modified our strategy and involved businesses as donors in exchange for a bouquet of flower and we raised 42,000 birr … and this year we hope to double that amount & some more.”

The Yellow Movement has 20 core team members who serve as organizers and leaders of the initiative and more than 100 volunteers who participate at weekly and annual events.

“We organize weekly activism events on campus where we raise awareness on many issues revolving around equality, GBV, masculinity. We also host biannual blood-drive events under the theme “To save a mother’s life” to highlight the high rate of Maternal Mortality rate in our country and once a year our Valentine’s Day fundraiser.”

To find out more about The Yellow Movement visit their FaceBook Page:


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