on the rapes of two kids on a farm

IN TOTAL darkness, with a four-month-old girl in tow, a seven-year-old boy from Ceres managed to find his way home after having been raped in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The man who allegedly raped them had been arrested, Western Cape police said yesterday.
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said the 32-year-old man was taken into custody and questioned in Ceres on Monday night.
The suspect was expected to appear in court soon.
A task team comprising various police units was created to investigate the rapes.
Traut said the children were not siblings, as reported earlier.
At a press conference at the Ceres police station yesterday, provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer said the rapes were “shocking and disgusting”, and they were doing everything in their power to find the truth.
Lamoer said top detectives, a tactical response team, dog units and the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit were working on the case.
The toddler was at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, where she has had reconstructive surgery, while the seven-year-old was released into his mother’s care.
Lamoer said the child would not be taken away from his mother or be put in a witness protection programme because the police and the local community policing forum (CPF) were sure he was safe with his parents.
Jan van der Merwe, the CPF chairman in the area, said he had been impressed by the response from the police.
A short drive from the police station lies Vredebos Farm, the scene of the alleged rape.
A dirt road leads from the main road to a row of wendy houses where residents were standing, while children played not far away. Behind the wendy houses is a vineyard where it is alleged the man took the two children to rape them.
The wendy house in which the seven-year-old’s family live stood empty yesterday. 

first published in the Cape Argus on August 07, 2013


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